Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Been a WHILE!

I am horrible at keeping up with this thing! We have been doing so many fun things and i know I need to post all the pictures. I only have 7 weeks left until out little baby girl arrives! I have her room covered in pink in zebra and her name embellished on the wall. Kenny is so good to let me do all that. He bought me a really comfy rocker with ottoman for Christmas that I LOVE! We went to San Diego for Thanksgiving and drove back a new car from there. It's our beast we call it. Gunner is getting huge and still doesn't like to go to sleep but he is so sweet. He has me wrapped around his finger like a leech! I will ad pictures soon!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Skinnydipper Hot Springs

SO...we decided to try out some of the local natural hot springs. Kenny, Gunner, me, Maddy and Seth headed out and made the hike up the hillside to the hot springs. We didn't know the name of them until we got there though. There were 3 pools and at the bottom one were 2 naked guys just relaxing in the warm water. Then the 2nd was empty and the third had a naked guy and girl just lounging out. It was hilarious to try not to look. It was sooooo warm though. We loved it!

Jake and Mandy's Wedding

The scenery was beautiful in Preston. It's a REALLY small town. I mean smaller than Tooele by far. Gunner loved the snow! Daddy and Gun
Gunner eating a sucker!

Awwww! Down by the river.

He was so cute but scared to move on the rocks.
The men!
The girls!

Maddy, me and Mandy's twin Mindy serving Costa Vida!

The Leslie Kids

New sisters!

Her step mom made her cake...sooooo cute!
Oh princess Gunner!


A Day at the Park

It got warm enough one day to take Gunner to the park. He loved it and wanted to go down the slide by himself. Daddy let him and he tumbled down it. Not sure if he likes slides anymore!


Daddy keeping Gunner busy in the car. Peek a boo!

Grandpa's grave was covered in flowers from the town people.
Gunner had on his cowboy boots and loved the snow.

Parowan Gap

Fun Pictures

Gun and Mommy! Gunner was always in the fridge when we were living at Grandma and Papa's.

Here he is again!

Gunner doing mommy's hair!

Our San Diego Trip

Cousins! La Jolla Shores...the waves were about 13'!
Cheese Michaela!
Gunner loved the waves

Sister Brook!

Daddy and Gun!

Baby Boy :)

The fam!

My love
Gun and Grandpa!

Grandma, Gunner and Grandpa! Sisters!!
The weather was horrible while we were there but made for a beautiful sunset!

Our Family!

Aunt Brookie and cousin Michaela!